Thanks for stopping by. I’m Adam. About pages usually tell you a few interesting things. I’ll try to do that.

Life has given me some interesting opportunities:

  • In high school and university I worked as a jazz and classical bassist. Forever grateful that music paid for my education. 🎶
  • For 10 years I lived in Taiwan. Half of my heart will always belong there. ♥️🇹🇼
  • While in Taiwan I learned Mandarin. 🀄️ I’m also pretty good with chopsticks. 🥢
  • I work for a great company called SpiderOak that makes security software. I get to work on techincal and people-focused projects. It’s amazing.
  • My family is the center of my universe. My amazing wife and three kids are my heart and soul.

While I spend my days focused on projects and tasks, I love to ponder the nature of work and how to make it better. The world gives us so many opportunies through technology. Being mindful of how we utilize it is one of the key levers we can pull in improving our life.

I write about that. I also write about other things. No promises that it will be all mindfulness or productivity or life hacks. I do promise that my writing will be regular and consise. Life’s too short for windy writing. 💨

This is my photo. I have a beard. It's mostly grey. I choose to believe it means I'm 'seasoned.'

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