@ChrisHannah I had exactly the same feeling. Luckily I have a set at home (not my original copies, but a full set I got years back for my kids).

@pgor sigh you're probably right. Ah vanity, you're a hard one to come to terms with. I do most of my reading on kindle because it's so easy to adjust type size and never need to strain. I 100% agree with you on considerate design. I'm sort of a running joke at work as I'm the one who keeps saying things like "that type size is way too small." :)

@pgor I've been going through the same exercise. I'm not ready to give in to reading glasses, but also not willing to strain through reading a book.

@jaheppler I'm a big fan of NextDNS as well. Been using it on our home network and devices for just over a year. Amazing how much cruft it blocks.

@JohnPhilpin hmm, I believe it will only play a bit on the webpage, but on the Spotify app it should play everything.