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Quieting the Tumult Between Your Ears

As the world outside our control gets grimmer, it’s easy to let our thoughts run wild. The noise in our mind can become deafening. Here’s how I work on quieting it.
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The Value of Rituals

I love the quirky rituals of baseball. We all need some rituals in our work life as well. Rally caps on the next Zoom meeting!
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We All Need Beard Oil Sometimes

While some of us literally need beard oil, all of us need figurative beard oil from time to time. Call it 80/20, optimization, or a life hack; there are often little things that can make a big difference.
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Foundational Work is a Long Term Investment

Like compound interest and other long-term strategies, making time for foundational work pays huge dividends over time. Make time in your work for it and you’ll be surprised at the difference you see.
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We Don’t Use Email Here

It’s funny how different tools we use for work provoke different reactions in us. Even email, our collective dreaded foe, can be the right tool for the job.
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A Picnic in the Park

When the world has been turned upside down, we can find normalcy in simple things like playing together in the park.
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