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100 Days of Writing

The other day I saw an article which mentioned there are 100 days left in the year. What a great time to start a new habit and work towards a new goal.

The goal for me is to publish some writing each day.

I’m going to spread this out across various platforms. Some will be here on my website, some on LinkedIn, and some on another side project site that I’m not quite ready to talk about publicly (but will soon). Each day after publishing I will make a note of where I published and mark the day off

As a bonus, I’m going to try and write by hand as much as possible. I feel like my ideas are clearer when I write things out this way. (For anyone interested, I enjoy using an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil for this. If you use the Notes app you can actually copy handwritten text as typed text. It’s a very cool use of OCR that is pretty accurate.)

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