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In Praise of Microfiber Cloths

Yes, this is a silly thing to say, but I love these little cleaning powerhouses. I bought a cheap pack online and put one in each car, one in the front room by the TV, and have one at my work desk. Never have I seen so clearly through the windshield. Never have my glasses and sunglasses been so smudge free. Never have I enjoyed looking at my screens so much now that the dust and fingerprints are gone.

The most magical thing isn’t just that they work, but that they work so quickly. There is no elbow grease needed. Just rub the cloth around on a surface and it gets it clean. (Even my children, long noted for their lackadaisical cleaning skills, can work wonders with these things.)

The reason I’m regaling you with my love of cleaning cloths isn’t just because of the cloths. They are a great example of a value multiplier. I’m sure you have some in your life. The newsletter that consistently gives you new ideas. The people who listen well and give great feedback. The meetings that leave you energized and excited.

Find the multipliers in your life. Figure out why they are so valuable to you. (Use systems thinking! The first step in this direction is identifying the principles that make something effective, then looking for other ways those principles can be applied.) Then go and find more things like that to make your work and your life easier.

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