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Be Out in Nature

I say this a bit tongue-in-cheek. Right now I am on a campout with my boys and the local Boy Scout troop. We hiked a mile or so up to a secluded campground where we hung hammocks and pitched tents. Right now I’m enjoying the sounds of the woods as I relax in my hammock, surrounded by down quilts.

Sounds great, right?

The hike in was on an overgrown trail with sticker bushes everywhere. By the time we arrived in camp our pants were coated with stickers.

Then there were the spiders. We’ve had record rainfall all year and the woods are very lush and overgrown. The spiders are out in force! We ran into so many spiderwebs on the trail, most with large spiders on them. Nothing gets the adrenaline flowing like a spider on your face!

Despite all this, we’re pretty happy. In spite of the spiders and the weeds and the other nature that should make us cringe we’re calm and relaxed. Part of it is that the boys have no screens or devices with them. Part of it is that being out in nature brings something special out in each of us.

As I lay here in my hammock I’m grateful for the bugs and the laughing young men who likely won’t go to bed until after midnight. I don’t get to be out in nature like this often enough. I’m glad I get to be here tonight.

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