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Going Faster and Getting Lost

Seth Godin talked about going faster in a recent post. He said, “Going faster increase the chances you’ll find a landmark and become unlost.”

That is so true. In my younger days when I taught English in Asia I sometimes decided I would take a new road home from work every day for a week. The main road home took 20 minutes on my scooter. There were many opportunities to get lost. It was so much fun! These were the days before GPS on your phone, so getting lost meant asking a person for directions. This was one of the ways I forced myself to practice Chinese.

On those long rides there were often times where I felt lost but also that I was going in the right direction. Sometimes all it took was trusting myself and I could find my way to a familiar place. My list of familiar places got a lot longer. When I was really lost, all it took was asking for directions and a few more minutes of driving to get things sorted out.

Those rides made me much braver. I learned that being lost was confusing, but temporary. It could be easily fixed.

I still find truth in these principles. Keep moving. Ask for help when you need it. Being lost is temporary and solvable. Keep moving!

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