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Life, Filled to the Brim with Experiences

I’ve been thinking recently about how simple situations and actions make for wonderful memories. A fond memory from the time when my kids were young was an evening when my wife made rose tea.

We had a typical day with three young children. This particular day they were energetic kids who tore through the house, asked a million questions, and did “kid things” that exhausted us. (A normal day!)

After we won the bedtime battle and all three were asleep, my wife and I sat together on the couch. It was a cool evening, unusual for that time of year. After making tea, we sat together silently sipping and enjoying the calm. I had a feeling of great contentment. Yes, we had three kids and all of the stress that comes with being parents and adults, but we were safe, healthy, and had each other. Eventually my wife smiled and asked “would you like another cup?” A perfect ending to an ordinary day.

The world is crazy right now. Things we have always been able to depend on are gone or delayed. We must cope with much that is unknown and unknowable. In the midst of this, we have a unique chance to create moments that can shape our life for years to come.

Just like that night with the rose tea, we can create moments and memories that will fuel us for years to come. Don’t underestimate the power of small, meaningful moments.

Use this time of physical distancing as a chance to more fully connect with people in your life. Start new traditions, try new things, and most importantly recognize and remember the moments that touch you.

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