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Baseball is built on hope

You know what I love about baseball? It’s a game of hope. Why did I keep watching when my team is down by 7 runs in the 5th inning? Because anything can happen. Now it’s the middle of the seventh and we’ve scored three runs. Will we win? Probably not. Will it be fun to watch them try? Absolutely!

Think of it: baseball is a game where successful hitters fail two out of three times. If you succeed four out of ten times you’re one of the greats! That’s crazy.

Why do we keep watching when there’s so much failure? Because there’s always a chance for success, and success in baseball is so exciting.

There are probably some great lessons here, but I need to go back to watching and hoping that the Royals can mount a comeback and win the game. You never know! They just scored another run. Talk about a reason to hope! ⚾️🙌😁

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