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I’ve had some interesting realizations in the last few months:

First, I will never be able to get everything done. Logically I’ve always known this is true, but in my heart of hearts I somehow thought I could find a way. Nope, there is no way. Recognizing and accepting this has made life so much better. I delegate at work now. I say no to things that I won’t be able to do. My to do list never has more than two items at a time. It’s amazing how much stress this has lifted from my shoulders.

Second, the people involved in the great experiences of my life have been what made them great. We took a cruise in early December as our family’s Christmas celebration. Was it fun to be on a boat or on a beach in Mexico? Yes. I’d never done either of those things before. But the happy memories I think back on most often involve the fun cabin attendant who made towel animals for us while we were at dinner and the head waiter who pushed my kids to try escargot. Even on the beach, the stewards who joked with me about how bad my Spanish is made the day so much fun than a day at the beach would have been otherwise.

Third, reading books makes me happy. It always has. My brother and I were constantly told to “go outside and play and stop reading” when we were little. Getting back to reading as my primary hobby has made me so happy. My family is in quarantine now (thanks omicron!) and I’ve spent so much time reading. Almost a book a day. I know how I would feel if I spent that time streaming; I tried that in March and April and May 2020. Wasn’t a great feeling. I spent it this time reading a series of historical fiction novels about Ghenghis Khan. So much fun.

Simple ideas, but ideas that I’m happy I have rediscovered.

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