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In Praise of Microfiber Cloths

Yes, this is a silly thing to say, but I love these little cleaning powerhouses. I bought a cheap pack online and put one in each car, one in the front room by the TV, and have one at my work desk. Never have I seen so clearly through the windshield. Never have my glasses and sunglasses been so smudge free. Never have I enjoyed looking at my screens so much now that the dust and fingerprints are gone.

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Experience Improves Systems

Setting up systems is one of the quickest ways to improve efficiency. Experience within a system shows us how to improve the system itself. A few weeks ago I went to a community organization to pick up some supplies. Their offering was well received and a lot of people showed up around the same time as me. It was terrible. The line was long, the service was slow, and everyone was grumpy.

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Back to Pen and Ink

In the last six months my wife and I have been going through boxes of old books and papers from years past. You see, we have made some major moves in our 16 years together, including two international moves that basically forced us to start over from zero. the one place we were able to keep some mementos was in my parents’ basement. This spring my Mom, who allowed us to keep the stuff there for years longer than it should have been (Thanks Mom!

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